Suspended Living in Temporary Space


As stated by Rappaport, "a dwelling is the primary anchor from where people explore the world" and it can be regarded as the center of people's everyday lives. In case people lose or have to leave their homes, their lives are suspended between past and future, between their culture and a new culture that they do not know, and that often does not know them....

Regarding the great number of people who lose or have to leave their homes because of political conflicts, war, natural hazards etc. in the Mediterranean Region, the contribution of architecture and interior architecture should be very significant because of their strong relationship to life. Therefore, this meeting aims to discuss the role of architecture in enhancing temporary living with all its cultural, social, economical and environmental aspects. In this sense the conference will address a series of issues focusing on temporary housing, reuse of existing facilities for housing, spatial flexibility and human needs.

Conference Topics

Under the basic topic of Temporary Housing, the sub-topics are identified as:

Emergency architecture           Human needs

Reuse for housing                    Spatial flexibility


suspended living conference
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